Thursday, 31 May 2012


silence could be sounded everywhere
and i had realised i was somewhere
it was dark and grey
trust me! nothing could be seen.... all was in vain !

i move my hands in and out
gave myself a few circles round and round
took a step further ahead
and had almost decided to take it back

when i saw a bright ray of light
coming towards me from my right
" whether shall i approach my right ?
  or right  is just not right ? "

a swap of limbs by degree 90
name of almighty
started stepping ahead
could not listen the footsteps i had

by now the ray of light
had become visibly bright
here started conflict of heart and mind
" it can be everything. "
" it will be nothing. "
" why dont you venture in ? "
" why not to escape out of it ? "
" complexity is magnetic......"
" but simplicity is  adorable. "

the signals were infuriated in nerves
just as a natural geyser is about to bring turbulence
" silly me !.."
dove and the olive branch
had started appearing hazy........

sounds like  a tower of babel....!!
" you ignored the ghoosh sound. "
" but what now !!"
"  you had already ventured into brightness..."
indeed! complexity is magnetic.. !!

" it is bright.. so .. bright..
  me out of darkness..."
there are roses, orchids and jasmine
green leaves are following the rhythm of happiness
finishes the disturbing silence.

" it is the first time
  taste sweetness
  smell happiness."
vision has brightness

close your eyes.
and four

open your eyes
too see darkness.. deep darkness
now its fear and horror
horny touch and ghostly voices
falls a sheet of darkness

that was a trap
to engulf the brightness of ours
not of ours ..but of millions..or even trillions..
that is why it is brightening.....
 a brightning darkness.....

author’s note:
i am feeling that i am moving towards light
but i am entering into a deep and dark tunnel.
as an author, a writer, a poet, a girl..lols..whatever you know me as…this is  one workpiece which is very close to my heart. “the brightening darkness” . the all meaning lies in the title. Darkness: evil, disgrace, negative, hovering, pessimism, haunting…! Brightening: happiness, cheer, joy, love, affection, amore, friendship, light, warmth. But, how could two co-exist? Simple. In life, something that appears magnetic and attractive, like a guy who is handsome and caressing, or a rose beautiful and fragrant, a friendship promising…. But later it is realised that something which appeared to be brightening was an envelope over the darkness it is made up of. The guy is a fraud, the rose pricks you the moment you hold it, the friend was fair-weather.
Friends! Face values are a trap, they are temporary, if you have to appreciate, start appreciating the beauty of heart. Permanent!
: with love~~isha jain~~


it is a  day to be called sunny..
but still there is  dark and deep..
i can see flowers
but they are not sweet !!
i can see bushes dense and lushy
but they are not green..

little girl has fallen down while running
it was the time when i got hurt on my knee
dad said "you are a brave girl, my child !"
mom said, " princess will be alright"
my eyes were showering ..
and i felt it was the saddest moment....
a moment that can never have a strong competitor

but, i can be wrong, so wrong..
i never knew .....
until this happened..

HEART- a small room for large wounds
no bad doctor to give me medicines                        
no bandages, no tears, no more blood to bleed
but what  crying is a small heart
a small room for large wounds

no dad to say that i am a brave girl
becaue he cant see my heart harboured
my heart harboured with tears 
that no friend can wipe for a dear
mom sees a smiling face 
and says that it resembles hers in childhood

i am walking on the path 
trampling over the leaves...
ohhh !! these thorns are painful.. so painful..
that i bleed, i weep, i cry aloud...

when it rains outside,
little children come out of their houses
they run, they shout, they play with fun and frolic
they fall , they get injured and cry with showering eyes..

their crying upsets everybody around them..
silly me! i smile on this..
because i know it doesnt hurt
what hurts when you have a heart
with millions of wounds not seen.

when it  rains, i thank him..                                                  
"him" is the almighty
because it rains when my eyes arent able to shed tears
he crys for me and supports me
and says "because life has to move on"
: with love~~isha jain~~


lost in a land of sand
i was walking here and there
besides there was a stream
with water gurgling and murmuring

i could see nobody anywhere
i could listen some sound nowhere
the silence sounded somewhat eerie
i was lost in solitude nearly

alas! i saw some footprints on sand
not of human or panther or creature living on land
i shouted if anybody was there
but heard no response from anywhere

suddenly, i felt a touch
shocked, bewildered, i was stunned
it was cute, little and fumbsy
yeah! it was genie.....

ah! i thought he would grant me wishes 3
but, he himself looked pale, sad and needy
i asked who you are
where do you belong from

the genie exclaimed (as expected) :
" i can fulfil your 3 wishes..... "

ah! that's great!
you are a creature
found by people
with handsome fate

but, tell me why are you sad?
why not happy........
for fulfilling desires
for fulfilling what we aspire....

"no. i am an evil.
 i am a disgrace.
 i am not meant for people
 with handsome fate."

"ah! how come you say that?
 if you fulfil any 3 wishes
 you can't be a disgrace
 i am lucky to have such a fate"

"stupid girl! get the meaning of life
 life is a path of thorns and pains
 there are hurdles to be crossed
 and stones to be pushed away."

widely opened was my mouth
soon you could see me dumbfound.
while i was making out 3 wishes
my fingers shaking and body trembling

within no time, the genie said :
" demand! demand what your 3 wishes are! "

his words were an order
asking me for 3 wishes
his eyes were a plea
requesting me not to say anything

i was gazing at his eyes
oh! they were so immense
when i found that
i was lost in them

"no. i don't want you to fulfil any of my wish."
"demand! demand what your 3 wishes are!"
"no. i don't want you to fulfil......"

genie converted into a beautiful prince
sparkling smile and twinkling eyes
his hair was gold and colour was silver
yes, he was not less than a treasure

"i had been waiting for you for years
 without you i was always in tears
 you are not a stupid girl
 you know how life can always turn

 how did you make out
 that genie was something fake
 it was a trap for people
 not with handsome fate

 yeah, you were gazing at my eyes
 did you make out me pleading
 or you understood something from my speech
 or is it like you don't have any wish "

"what you said is all correct
 these were a few things i had kept in my head
 but, something else was most portentous
 that had troubled me with great momentous


 i saw footprints big, small and very small
 moving towards you on and on
 but why these footprints never returned
 has now an answer very much deterred......."


an attempt to highlight how the world can always put some bait to engulf you. but, we all can overpower it by using our wits. the story of a fairy land, or Cinderella, or snowwhite may be good to listen and no offence against people who believe in the existence of such worlds ( hey, even i do..). here, a genie granting 3 wishes was a trap...a big trap..! the moment narrator had asked for it, it may have done something it never wanted to. the narrator's wits of observing footprints that never come and overpowering the vice of greed... that's what is the demand of poet  !!!  and yeah, it did help a beautiful prince !
“open your eyes to see the world. anybody: an enemy, an acquaintance, a friend or a well wisher...could be a disguise who offers you wishes, but, don't demand! it may take you down. ! :/ :/ :/”
:29-dec-08:with love~~isha jain~~

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

THE UNFULFILLED : dreams that don't let you dream

a flower that has taken birth today
will wither tomorrow
a beautiful butterfly will not have
those colourful wings again!
a friend no more in this universe
cannot come back in your life
the times spent and cherished
will never return to you
you were rude, you broke, howsoever you regret
but, he cannot come back to you!
you were once talented, beautiful and wannabe
but, today you aren't!

everything is transient, temporary or short lived                      
but, this is no complaint!
complaints are desires, longing, want...
complaints are dreaming, wishing, and thinking..
dreaming of things that are fulfilled
dreaming of things that may be.
dreaming of things that will never be!

there are many things that will never be fulfilled.
but, this is no complaint.
complaint is our ignorance, our timidity, our helplessness
we are weak
our eyes are weak to dream of things that are not fulfilled
we long..we aspire..we want day and night
we make plans and invite a future with our dreams fulfilled
then comes into action an active mind
" this is delusion..this is a vision..this is thought.
  this has to go off like a bubble.. "
we hear..we listen..and we react..
but what goes on are these eyes poured with dreams.

but we are stupid and helpless to dream day and night
but, this is no complaint
complaint is
tears wetting the eyes
desire burning the heart
turbulence in the mind
excruciating pain feels the soul

those eyes that once desired, once longed, once wanted something
are closed now!
those eyes don't want to see
they don't want to feel
the dreams are not flowing out,
trapped in..sucked in..engulfed in by longing.
what flows out are sorrows, blood, failure
and i don't say tears
because they don't.

but, this is no complaint.
i complain from that heart, from  those eyes, from that life
i complaint from those dreams..
dreams that are unfulfilled..
" why do you exist?
  why are you the way you are?
  your presence is not simply absence...
  absence of reality of a great fancy
  rather your existence don't let us dream...
  dream even those figments of imagination
  that can be laid with a potent of reality!
  you are the unfulfilled dreams...
  dreams: that don't let us dream!!! "

the poem is simply an attempt to project the helplessness and inability of a human being to fulfil his dreams. it is said that if you aspire for something, all you have to do is "perspire" . if you want anything and lighten a deep desire for the same, it may be yours. but ,is it true ? no. not always. sometimes, we all human beings are so incapable and bounded that we simply cannot. and then what lasts is only a desire, a longing, a desperateness, restlessness and an abyss vacuum that cannot be fulfilled. rather, it becomes deeper and deeper if you try fulfilling it . at this situation, the only option a person is left with is : leave yourself on the situation. and then, there comes a day when he stops dreaming.  simply abbreviated as: "you want something, you dint get and now you don't want! huh..!! funny but true.. happens!!!! "
:with love~~isha jain~~


deep within me exists a soul
a light of energy
and a  power with dazzling flame
oh! its transparent..and i cant see it.
but! yes i do see through it.                                                 
the soul makes me feel the presence of those
those that are absent.
this body is a cage for the soul
and this is what i feel sometimes
it wants to see the real beauty
but gets disillusioned by these eyes
when it trys to listen the music
i hear noise from these ears!
soul! you are in a cage
and this is what i feel sometimes.
when my soul was trying to smell the fragrance
the fragrance of love, purity and affection
my senses were smelling the fragrance of a rose
a rose bearing thorns
those eyes were appreciating the beauty of petals
petals that fold every night
they fold because they are afraid of darkness
dear soul! you can see in darkness
and you can see when the sun has set
you can smell when no flower blooms in your vicinity
ha! silly me
where could bloom a flower more vibrant and lush
than the multifarious wings of yours !!!
oh dear! you are in a cage
and this is what i feel sometimes
when my soul was attracted with his embrace
this flesh of filthy blood felt the lust of wildness
for another cage that has no soul
or may be not that divine the divine you are
dear! you are in  a cage
and this is what i feel sometimes
when my soul felt forcefully for those trees
those dancing leaves and twinkling stars
my body was busy wiping tears down these cheeks
soul! you told me to love, love and love
when my body was trying to avenge for those wounds
those scratches i got because of it getting stabbed
cage! you were stabbed at your back
but this soul was betrayed
still it loves, forgives and smiles
because it is energy with light
its fire to burn it could burn its sorrows too..
but soul ! you are in  a cage

i feel pity, helpless, sorry, and restless
but u tell! how can i free you from that cage ?
because i am no other than the guard of that cage
and he (the almighty) told me to protect you under this cage!
because without it, you may be contaminated
by the indecency of evil energy
its here, there and everywhere.

but dear soul! you are in a cage
and this is what i feel sometimes

: 18/05/2012: 9.57 pm: 
: with love~~isha jain~~


Somewhere in those dense, dark and deep trees
Was hidden a soul
She dint  laugh, nor did she cry, nor she knew about any emotion
Seeing a woman cry about ageing
She laughed
Seeing  a  man embracing her lady
She found ridiculous
A child smiling for no reason
Never  drew her  attention
She was a soul hidden somewhere in darkness
The wide canopy over her never allowed any sun rays
To come onto her and embrace
Somebody who has seen all darkness
And no light would never know both of them
And that was her soul
Her  big foot ever walked with a pace fast
Because slowing down was not her habit
She dint speak useless
 because nobody resides
In those deep  and dark forests
To listen her endless
her soul was in peace always like always
not because she maintained harmony
but because she dint entangled with any soul ever
Somewhere in those dense, dark and deep trees
Was hidden a soul
It  was a soul powerful, energetic and dazzling
It had colours of peacock and wisdom of saints
It could sing like a nightingale
And love like chakora
Her  thirst had absorption similar to a dry land in desert
But she dint knew of all this because
Somewhere in those dense, dark and deep trees
Was hidden a soul
Her  wings were fluttering with joy and fire
Fire! Energy, power and spirit
But  who knows it was fire
Because the canopy wont allow
It wont allow for the brightness to emerge out of the forest
Her attire was  white, simple and beautiful
Her long and dense hair  spread on that white
It looked like fragrant sandal all covered with reptiles
But,  the darkness of forest never  allowed to see that white
Beauty cannot be seen unhidden from eyes
Somewhere in those dense, dark and deep trees
Was hidden a soul

But  times changed,  winds changed and so changed climate
And so came a day
when those leaves and flowers were being shed
the canopy lost its existence
and it was no more dense, dark and deep
there came quanta of sunshine falling
the forest is no more dark and its all bright
bright enough to dilate her pupils wide
imagine  what would have been with that soul in light
she saw herself white and all bright
silly! She becomes afraid in those rays of sunshine
fear,  awe, despair  and fright
but, soon she realised that she has wings
this time her fluttering wings took her on flight
her  wings help her fly
and she could because there are no trees dense                            
to obstruct her way from here to there or everywhere
she went
when she felt the colours that emerged from her soul
she realised the beauty, vibrant and Ecstasy in a flow
she was beautiful , magnificent and pure
 and she sings sweet  and to beats
 when dances  falling green leaves
sometimes that soul flys over those forests
and regrets the days of her being captivated
but soon her fluttering wings radiate aura
beautiful, magnetic, forceful and goth
she feels .. realises and smiles at present
because  a  captivating past is all that led to
a free present.

: 19/05/2012: 3.59 am: 

“ every human being among all of us is a species with beauty, talent, growth, charm and quality.
Each soul is divine, beautiful, ecstatic  and a fragrant rose that knows what could be emotions, love, care and affection. But,  on hiding these talents, thoughts, feelings or may be not realising them; we are captivating this beautiful soul. Come, come out! Fly and let those beautiful colours emerge ! they wont hurt any species nor will your vibes could hit that of others. Because love, freedom, colour and energy has no bounds or  any dark side. They all are different attires of beauty!
Don’t let yourself be in that cocoon. Come and emerge out! “
: with love~~Isha jain~~