Thursday, 31 May 2012


silence could be sounded everywhere
and i had realised i was somewhere
it was dark and grey
trust me! nothing could be seen.... all was in vain !

i move my hands in and out
gave myself a few circles round and round
took a step further ahead
and had almost decided to take it back

when i saw a bright ray of light
coming towards me from my right
" whether shall i approach my right ?
  or right  is just not right ? "

a swap of limbs by degree 90
name of almighty
started stepping ahead
could not listen the footsteps i had

by now the ray of light
had become visibly bright
here started conflict of heart and mind
" it can be everything. "
" it will be nothing. "
" why dont you venture in ? "
" why not to escape out of it ? "
" complexity is magnetic......"
" but simplicity is  adorable. "

the signals were infuriated in nerves
just as a natural geyser is about to bring turbulence
" silly me !.."
dove and the olive branch
had started appearing hazy........

sounds like  a tower of babel....!!
" you ignored the ghoosh sound. "
" but what now !!"
"  you had already ventured into brightness..."
indeed! complexity is magnetic.. !!

" it is bright.. so .. bright..
  me out of darkness..."
there are roses, orchids and jasmine
green leaves are following the rhythm of happiness
finishes the disturbing silence.

" it is the first time
  taste sweetness
  smell happiness."
vision has brightness

close your eyes.
and four

open your eyes
too see darkness.. deep darkness
now its fear and horror
horny touch and ghostly voices
falls a sheet of darkness

that was a trap
to engulf the brightness of ours
not of ours ..but of millions..or even trillions..
that is why it is brightening.....
 a brightning darkness.....

author’s note:
i am feeling that i am moving towards light
but i am entering into a deep and dark tunnel.
as an author, a writer, a poet, a girl..lols..whatever you know me as…this is  one workpiece which is very close to my heart. “the brightening darkness” . the all meaning lies in the title. Darkness: evil, disgrace, negative, hovering, pessimism, haunting…! Brightening: happiness, cheer, joy, love, affection, amore, friendship, light, warmth. But, how could two co-exist? Simple. In life, something that appears magnetic and attractive, like a guy who is handsome and caressing, or a rose beautiful and fragrant, a friendship promising…. But later it is realised that something which appeared to be brightening was an envelope over the darkness it is made up of. The guy is a fraud, the rose pricks you the moment you hold it, the friend was fair-weather.
Friends! Face values are a trap, they are temporary, if you have to appreciate, start appreciating the beauty of heart. Permanent!
: with love~~isha jain~~