Thursday, 31 May 2012


it is a  day to be called sunny..
but still there is  dark and deep..
i can see flowers
but they are not sweet !!
i can see bushes dense and lushy
but they are not green..

little girl has fallen down while running
it was the time when i got hurt on my knee
dad said "you are a brave girl, my child !"
mom said, " princess will be alright"
my eyes were showering ..
and i felt it was the saddest moment....
a moment that can never have a strong competitor

but, i can be wrong, so wrong..
i never knew .....
until this happened..

HEART- a small room for large wounds
no bad doctor to give me medicines                        
no bandages, no tears, no more blood to bleed
but what  crying is a small heart
a small room for large wounds

no dad to say that i am a brave girl
becaue he cant see my heart harboured
my heart harboured with tears 
that no friend can wipe for a dear
mom sees a smiling face 
and says that it resembles hers in childhood

i am walking on the path 
trampling over the leaves...
ohhh !! these thorns are painful.. so painful..
that i bleed, i weep, i cry aloud...

when it rains outside,
little children come out of their houses
they run, they shout, they play with fun and frolic
they fall , they get injured and cry with showering eyes..

their crying upsets everybody around them..
silly me! i smile on this..
because i know it doesnt hurt
what hurts when you have a heart
with millions of wounds not seen.

when it  rains, i thank him..                                                  
"him" is the almighty
because it rains when my eyes arent able to shed tears
he crys for me and supports me
and says "because life has to move on"
: with love~~isha jain~~