Thursday, 31 May 2012


lost in a land of sand
i was walking here and there
besides there was a stream
with water gurgling and murmuring

i could see nobody anywhere
i could listen some sound nowhere
the silence sounded somewhat eerie
i was lost in solitude nearly

alas! i saw some footprints on sand
not of human or panther or creature living on land
i shouted if anybody was there
but heard no response from anywhere

suddenly, i felt a touch
shocked, bewildered, i was stunned
it was cute, little and fumbsy
yeah! it was genie.....

ah! i thought he would grant me wishes 3
but, he himself looked pale, sad and needy
i asked who you are
where do you belong from

the genie exclaimed (as expected) :
" i can fulfil your 3 wishes..... "

ah! that's great!
you are a creature
found by people
with handsome fate

but, tell me why are you sad?
why not happy........
for fulfilling desires
for fulfilling what we aspire....

"no. i am an evil.
 i am a disgrace.
 i am not meant for people
 with handsome fate."

"ah! how come you say that?
 if you fulfil any 3 wishes
 you can't be a disgrace
 i am lucky to have such a fate"

"stupid girl! get the meaning of life
 life is a path of thorns and pains
 there are hurdles to be crossed
 and stones to be pushed away."

widely opened was my mouth
soon you could see me dumbfound.
while i was making out 3 wishes
my fingers shaking and body trembling

within no time, the genie said :
" demand! demand what your 3 wishes are! "

his words were an order
asking me for 3 wishes
his eyes were a plea
requesting me not to say anything

i was gazing at his eyes
oh! they were so immense
when i found that
i was lost in them

"no. i don't want you to fulfil any of my wish."
"demand! demand what your 3 wishes are!"
"no. i don't want you to fulfil......"

genie converted into a beautiful prince
sparkling smile and twinkling eyes
his hair was gold and colour was silver
yes, he was not less than a treasure

"i had been waiting for you for years
 without you i was always in tears
 you are not a stupid girl
 you know how life can always turn

 how did you make out
 that genie was something fake
 it was a trap for people
 not with handsome fate

 yeah, you were gazing at my eyes
 did you make out me pleading
 or you understood something from my speech
 or is it like you don't have any wish "

"what you said is all correct
 these were a few things i had kept in my head
 but, something else was most portentous
 that had troubled me with great momentous


 i saw footprints big, small and very small
 moving towards you on and on
 but why these footprints never returned
 has now an answer very much deterred......."


an attempt to highlight how the world can always put some bait to engulf you. but, we all can overpower it by using our wits. the story of a fairy land, or Cinderella, or snowwhite may be good to listen and no offence against people who believe in the existence of such worlds ( hey, even i do..). here, a genie granting 3 wishes was a trap...a big trap..! the moment narrator had asked for it, it may have done something it never wanted to. the narrator's wits of observing footprints that never come and overpowering the vice of greed... that's what is the demand of poet  !!!  and yeah, it did help a beautiful prince !
“open your eyes to see the world. anybody: an enemy, an acquaintance, a friend or a well wisher...could be a disguise who offers you wishes, but, don't demand! it may take you down. ! :/ :/ :/”
:29-dec-08:with love~~isha jain~~

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