Wednesday, 30 May 2012

THE UNFULFILLED : dreams that don't let you dream

a flower that has taken birth today
will wither tomorrow
a beautiful butterfly will not have
those colourful wings again!
a friend no more in this universe
cannot come back in your life
the times spent and cherished
will never return to you
you were rude, you broke, howsoever you regret
but, he cannot come back to you!
you were once talented, beautiful and wannabe
but, today you aren't!

everything is transient, temporary or short lived                      
but, this is no complaint!
complaints are desires, longing, want...
complaints are dreaming, wishing, and thinking..
dreaming of things that are fulfilled
dreaming of things that may be.
dreaming of things that will never be!

there are many things that will never be fulfilled.
but, this is no complaint.
complaint is our ignorance, our timidity, our helplessness
we are weak
our eyes are weak to dream of things that are not fulfilled
we long..we aspire..we want day and night
we make plans and invite a future with our dreams fulfilled
then comes into action an active mind
" this is delusion..this is a vision..this is thought.
  this has to go off like a bubble.. "
we hear..we listen..and we react..
but what goes on are these eyes poured with dreams.

but we are stupid and helpless to dream day and night
but, this is no complaint
complaint is
tears wetting the eyes
desire burning the heart
turbulence in the mind
excruciating pain feels the soul

those eyes that once desired, once longed, once wanted something
are closed now!
those eyes don't want to see
they don't want to feel
the dreams are not flowing out,
trapped in..sucked in..engulfed in by longing.
what flows out are sorrows, blood, failure
and i don't say tears
because they don't.

but, this is no complaint.
i complain from that heart, from  those eyes, from that life
i complaint from those dreams..
dreams that are unfulfilled..
" why do you exist?
  why are you the way you are?
  your presence is not simply absence...
  absence of reality of a great fancy
  rather your existence don't let us dream...
  dream even those figments of imagination
  that can be laid with a potent of reality!
  you are the unfulfilled dreams...
  dreams: that don't let us dream!!! "

the poem is simply an attempt to project the helplessness and inability of a human being to fulfil his dreams. it is said that if you aspire for something, all you have to do is "perspire" . if you want anything and lighten a deep desire for the same, it may be yours. but ,is it true ? no. not always. sometimes, we all human beings are so incapable and bounded that we simply cannot. and then what lasts is only a desire, a longing, a desperateness, restlessness and an abyss vacuum that cannot be fulfilled. rather, it becomes deeper and deeper if you try fulfilling it . at this situation, the only option a person is left with is : leave yourself on the situation. and then, there comes a day when he stops dreaming.  simply abbreviated as: "you want something, you dint get and now you don't want! huh..!! funny but true.. happens!!!! "
:with love~~isha jain~~

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