Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Somewhere in those dense, dark and deep trees
Was hidden a soul
She dint  laugh, nor did she cry, nor she knew about any emotion
Seeing a woman cry about ageing
She laughed
Seeing  a  man embracing her lady
She found ridiculous
A child smiling for no reason
Never  drew her  attention
She was a soul hidden somewhere in darkness
The wide canopy over her never allowed any sun rays
To come onto her and embrace
Somebody who has seen all darkness
And no light would never know both of them
And that was her soul
Her  big foot ever walked with a pace fast
Because slowing down was not her habit
She dint speak useless
 because nobody resides
In those deep  and dark forests
To listen her endless
her soul was in peace always like always
not because she maintained harmony
but because she dint entangled with any soul ever
Somewhere in those dense, dark and deep trees
Was hidden a soul
It  was a soul powerful, energetic and dazzling
It had colours of peacock and wisdom of saints
It could sing like a nightingale
And love like chakora
Her  thirst had absorption similar to a dry land in desert
But she dint knew of all this because
Somewhere in those dense, dark and deep trees
Was hidden a soul
Her  wings were fluttering with joy and fire
Fire! Energy, power and spirit
But  who knows it was fire
Because the canopy wont allow
It wont allow for the brightness to emerge out of the forest
Her attire was  white, simple and beautiful
Her long and dense hair  spread on that white
It looked like fragrant sandal all covered with reptiles
But,  the darkness of forest never  allowed to see that white
Beauty cannot be seen unhidden from eyes
Somewhere in those dense, dark and deep trees
Was hidden a soul

But  times changed,  winds changed and so changed climate
And so came a day
when those leaves and flowers were being shed
the canopy lost its existence
and it was no more dense, dark and deep
there came quanta of sunshine falling
the forest is no more dark and its all bright
bright enough to dilate her pupils wide
imagine  what would have been with that soul in light
she saw herself white and all bright
silly! She becomes afraid in those rays of sunshine
fear,  awe, despair  and fright
but, soon she realised that she has wings
this time her fluttering wings took her on flight
her  wings help her fly
and she could because there are no trees dense                            
to obstruct her way from here to there or everywhere
she went
when she felt the colours that emerged from her soul
she realised the beauty, vibrant and Ecstasy in a flow
she was beautiful , magnificent and pure
 and she sings sweet  and to beats
 when dances  falling green leaves
sometimes that soul flys over those forests
and regrets the days of her being captivated
but soon her fluttering wings radiate aura
beautiful, magnetic, forceful and goth
she feels .. realises and smiles at present
because  a  captivating past is all that led to
a free present.

: 19/05/2012: 3.59 am: 

“ every human being among all of us is a species with beauty, talent, growth, charm and quality.
Each soul is divine, beautiful, ecstatic  and a fragrant rose that knows what could be emotions, love, care and affection. But,  on hiding these talents, thoughts, feelings or may be not realising them; we are captivating this beautiful soul. Come, come out! Fly and let those beautiful colours emerge ! they wont hurt any species nor will your vibes could hit that of others. Because love, freedom, colour and energy has no bounds or  any dark side. They all are different attires of beauty!
Don’t let yourself be in that cocoon. Come and emerge out! “
: with love~~Isha jain~~

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