Wednesday, 30 May 2012


deep within me exists a soul
a light of energy
and a  power with dazzling flame
oh! its transparent..and i cant see it.
but! yes i do see through it.                                                 
the soul makes me feel the presence of those
those that are absent.
this body is a cage for the soul
and this is what i feel sometimes
it wants to see the real beauty
but gets disillusioned by these eyes
when it trys to listen the music
i hear noise from these ears!
soul! you are in a cage
and this is what i feel sometimes.
when my soul was trying to smell the fragrance
the fragrance of love, purity and affection
my senses were smelling the fragrance of a rose
a rose bearing thorns
those eyes were appreciating the beauty of petals
petals that fold every night
they fold because they are afraid of darkness
dear soul! you can see in darkness
and you can see when the sun has set
you can smell when no flower blooms in your vicinity
ha! silly me
where could bloom a flower more vibrant and lush
than the multifarious wings of yours !!!
oh dear! you are in a cage
and this is what i feel sometimes
when my soul was attracted with his embrace
this flesh of filthy blood felt the lust of wildness
for another cage that has no soul
or may be not that divine the divine you are
dear! you are in  a cage
and this is what i feel sometimes
when my soul felt forcefully for those trees
those dancing leaves and twinkling stars
my body was busy wiping tears down these cheeks
soul! you told me to love, love and love
when my body was trying to avenge for those wounds
those scratches i got because of it getting stabbed
cage! you were stabbed at your back
but this soul was betrayed
still it loves, forgives and smiles
because it is energy with light
its fire to burn it could burn its sorrows too..
but soul ! you are in  a cage

i feel pity, helpless, sorry, and restless
but u tell! how can i free you from that cage ?
because i am no other than the guard of that cage
and he (the almighty) told me to protect you under this cage!
because without it, you may be contaminated
by the indecency of evil energy
its here, there and everywhere.

but dear soul! you are in a cage
and this is what i feel sometimes

: 18/05/2012: 9.57 pm: 
: with love~~isha jain~~

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