Monday, 2 July 2012


A hot shining sun overhead
Its heat was at its peak
Lifted my head to catch a glimpse of it
And then there were contracted pupil
As if even they were afraid from its
 high intensity and ultraviolet
my head down not to prevent the light
but in awe, stress and disgrace

the travelers took their shirts off
most of those were in light or white
dipped them in water meagre  or none
and tied them on head  round  and tight
most of them now ressembled to those dacoits or terrorists
watched in movies or read in newspapers
over and over but never witnessed

no..I don’t say I am a fashion vista
Or a tourist eager to get clicked
But looking like a ran out from some group of mafia
Was completely out of a few girlish things I did
Unwrapped the stole round my neck
And wrapped over head and face
To the maximum I can

I saw a man taking out his clothes off
And then only a red colored boxers on and all
He tored it into pieces which were then folded
To air himself in motion ought to be repeated
My eyes fell as I had the notion
Had I been the eve before eating the apple

I checked my sling bag
For a bottle of water
It had an amount far less than for a toddler
My eyes twinkled and tongue twirled
As it was a gift in a hot and dry desert

And then A gulp of water
Through my throat
Brought  a  gaze of  eyes dark and deep
 With accompalice of a silent plea
“pretty girl! My baby is hungry
a drop of water is no less than an urgency.”
The sound was soft, slow and lovely
When interrupted words from a man dark and eyes bulging
“you are young ,growing and gay
  can sustain without water days and days
  I am  a weak and old man
 who  feels his life coming to an end”
I smacked my lips
With my tongue out
trying to lick
Even a few drops around
My mouth dint utter any words
Nor did the head lifted up
Before  the eyes had grown to refuse them
An empty water bottle is all I showed them

I was seated on a camels back
When I admired a big hump he had
I wished if I too had had
Must have stored water for months long back

I moved my head round and round
To see if any plants on soil I did found
But all I saw was sand and sand
With tiny grains blue, brown and black
Those grains shifted from here to there
 As if they  too were searching for a chill nowhere

But I wont lie if I say
That a line of dots I saw again and again
A fine level of sand all across
I Kept my eye glued over all
Only to find a scorpion underneath it
It moved on that sand
With an ease
As if a show stopper on a ramp in heels
In the task of creeping
That creature left its footprints
All alone and mind not working
Silly! You are noticing so petty things

 And then a lady touched a plant of cactus
(Huh! How offensive appears to call cactus a plant I think
For it neither gives shade nor juicy fruits to eat)
When a flow of blood started rushing out through her finger
And his husband took her finger in his mouth
Unable to guess if to calm her
Or to suck that fluid on a hot and dry desert around
The journey is hard, dry and sunny
All peace and calm
But still commotion within
Time is slipping and so are resources
All mirage and nothing could be trusted
That dark man said it all right
His life was nearing an end hot and dry

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