Saturday, 28 July 2012

"because what you sow is not always what you reap"

I saw my neighbour’s veranda
with a beautiful flower blooming 
a fragrance giving joy and pleasure
a feel soft and full of leisure
the petals were red and magnificent
But then there were fences
long, wretched and horny. . . .

i tried to reach
i tried to crawl
giving my last breath on and on
it hurt as it penetrated deep
tears in eyes and bleeding skin
but, all in vain..all efforts futile..
the flower is charming and magnetic
but smiling far apart from me

Give it a thought my dear me!
What if my garden also blooms
with beautys exemplary
Let us do no more wait
Time is precious and over flowing
don’t let the grains go away

Determined I was
Prepared myself up
With seeds, water, soil and a few more things
I went to my veranda on and on
Dig the soil, sow a seed and poured water more and more
Made sure it gets sunshine
To grow, bloom and bear fruits
fruits juicy and rich
giving joy, satisfaction and bliss

That day the night I slept
Was unusual in the sense I ever had had
It was excitement, curiosity and nervousness
But my optimism showed me dreams
Of fragrance, soft and red 

I woke up the next day
To add nourishment to the pot
Talked to it..shared my griefs 
and poured expectations I ever had
It still lies somewhere underneath
I cannot see, listen or even feel
What drives is an everlasting hope
That it will grow one day and bloom
as it does on my neighbour’s roof

“come on! Wake up! You cannot do this.
 Days have passed and so months..
Bear flowers and fruits..
common..I can no more resist you.”

But all what I saw
Were weeds growing
That perpetuated the more i was plucking
Too much of sunshine
Had burned a few of buds that
Once had even ever occurred
The standing water
Became a room for algae
and a beautiful flower was no where to be seen

Days passed and so did months
And then came a time when summers had come
Finished the season for magnificent roses
The seeds are dormant
and so did me

I laid in my bed
Tossing from here and there
Drops a tear down my cheeks
When comes a voice somewhere from within
“because what you sow
Is not always what you reap”

author's note:

we all have wishes, dreams, desires and everlasting hopes in life. we always aspire and want a few things to be fulfilled. some of our wishes are very practical, that is, they always have fair chances of being fulfilled; while others only rest in our figments of imagination..all through our life. whatever be the intensity of dreams, howsoever achieved or failed a person is, each one of us at every stage of life has some wish pending. and, i believe..this is not wrong. we all are humans and it is natural and legal to wish in a democratic country.

the wish of possessing a garden of blooming flowers are metaphoric to our day-to-day wishes and demands. the narrator being inspired for the same by noticing a garden on his neighbour's roof is no coincidence. you will have to agree that most of your desires are perpetuated by noticing that of others! 

the narrator trys to fulfil it by pouring water, sunshine, manure...and even talks and discusses its griefs with it. same way, we work hard, toil and put every torment to fulfil our dreams. we even travel through sleepless nights..tossing in bed..the way narrator did. but, sometimes too much of care and concern rather deteriorates the things; just the way too much of water on standing and too much of sunshine did to his garden. . . .

but then, a candle needs darkness to light. what i mean is "unfulfilled wishes" are sometimes the essence of living on. so, i don't regret for unfulfilled things. hope my readers even don't. 
:with love~isha jain~

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