Monday, 25 June 2012


"That dress is beautiful
Pink flowers on white
I will look like a princess
Like that of Cinderella or snowwhite”
“ sorry madam! It was the last piece we just sold.
   better if you give a look to something just more.

“I am the best  speaker
The best orator ever lived
What I will say the audience will ever be convinced”
And then is left only a longing for applause
Within no time the hall is occupied by chairs vacant
And you left all alone

“you are the bestest  friend of my life
A companion of love, amity and rise
She is as promising as fragrance from a flower
A Flower  that bears fruits which can only ripe
could you lend me some money dear?
I am afraid I don’t have any.
return you by the instalments made from my salary.”
“sorry friend! I cannot do that
 Borrowing or lending is a job
My husband always  yells at.”

“I am the beauty, I am the charm, I am a girl
No prince in this universe would ever  turn up.”
“you are a girl who is beautiful, pretty and intense
But I already have a princess to be adored up.”

“I loved that man to the breath of my life
I lived to be his and became him and had what he had had”
That man is no more in this universe
He went to the almighty high heaven above
how do I live?
How do I breathe?
How to feel my very being I have ever had?”
Her heart is suffocated and engulfed is its being.
Harboured is pain and abyss she is

“Still when I see a father and a son
Keeping hand in hand
I feel being born as an orphan
Is the ugliest thing I have ever had.”

Life is short, beautiful, intense and on going
But there are hardships, hurdles, turns and twists
People say that wounds fill with time
I say a few simply grow with time
Time becomes a nourishment to them
It’s a demon scratching every now and then
You cry, weep, scream or may be sit calm
But the only thing that suits is accept, accept, accept and accept

God is almighty
He is the strength
All set up with divine beauty and wisdom
That we human beings cant deny ever after
Accepting the final verdict is a fellow’s brain
After all anything divine can how be wrong or disgrace
For those who believe in god
Stick to the word  “divine”
Otherwise, let it be destiny, nature, waves
Or May be your sins still alive
Accept, accept, accept and accept
And that is what will cure that wound
Wounds  Of pain and agony
Dense, dark and deep sadness.

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