Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I miss you!

When I am awake in those chilly nights of white moon
When those rain drops pour their thirst over me
When those green leaves dance upon a pleasant melancholy
When the shadow underneath that banyan tree comes upon me

I miss you...

When I have loads and loads of work on these shoulders
When time passes and I always have not a second to count
When I forget to have the coffee lying on my study desk
When the call from my mum remains unanswered from hours

I miss you...

When I have absolutely nothing to do
When I wake up in morning to realise what for
When I sleep in the night to count my day was entirely unproductive
When my body aches since it has been resting for hours

I miss you...

When it is the day I get a call telling I am selected for the job
When it is the day my sister gives me a little nephew
When it is the day I accidentally meet a dear friend
When it is the day I see the world improving

I miss you...

When it is the day I fail in the endeavour I honestly make
When it is the day my sweet uncle passes away
When it is day I am left alone on that friend’s birthday party
When it is the day I see a poor begging

I miss you...

When it rains, I think about the day we got drenched all together.
When it is sunny, I think about the day I noticed those drops of sweat on your face, which made you look only simpler.
When I read, those lessons we shared together in library reminds me of you.
That flash on my glossy pink cell phone reminds me of your texts.

Your absence reminds me of your presence
This loneliness reminds me of your company
Friendship of every dear friend reminds me of your friendship
Every broken heart reminds me of how you broke mine.

A lot of words remind me how I spoke so much with you
A complete silence reminds me how a few things I never spoke to you

These memories remind me of you
This love reminds me of you
It grows deeper and deeper with time
I think it is craze may be
For time doesn’t heal the pain but only nourishes it

Every fibre of my being, every moment I live, the small things I do, the small things I dont do, you have lived in every thought, in every split second of this universe.

The worst thing, the more I try to forget you, the more you come upon my thoughts.

You were a cheat no doubt, but more than that you were a black magician darling!

Please take back your spell and don’t cast it upon me anymore!

Have mercy, I could take it no more
I could take it no more
I could take it no more!
<3 <3 <3

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