Saturday, 18 August 2012

She Made Me Stood Still

Small eyes like a speck on a wall
Nose as thin as waist of a belly dancer
Her lips were as usual as red colour of a rose
And skin tone darker than any white
Her body was sleek though
And a dressing style charming
And she was all in whites
But, still there was something attractive
About her..her attire
I tried to notice her hair..may be they were long or bronze
Cant she stood facing me all the time

Me skin got bumpy
And let me remind you that I am a girl
So..i would want to know..
Know from where or what ?
 the lady radiates an aura
That is purer than a pearl
And greener  than any spring season

And then I went closer
Looked into her eyes
There laid a melancholy
Unseen or  seen but uncared..

My eyes blinked..and so they did many times
I felt as if time had dilated for a while
All I see was her..her eyes..
So small as if intentionally done 
to hide from common people
And unhide from lunatic observers

And then they started wrapping her in papers
And packing in brown cardboard boxes
And I stood still and quiet
Still Thinking hard to solve the riddle
Where..from where did the beauty emerge?
It was beautiful..i know..they say..
but ..what was it that all laid?

I felt cherishing her beauty one time
After all she was “my” creation
And then at another moment
I felt poisoned and betrayed
I filled life in her
And she..what did she do to me..
 made me still and stunned?

Its magical to admire your work sometimes
Because you know the flaws in them all the times
And still, you have to find  the beauty
Because you know somewhere it exists...
but… what , where and how much..
You just don’t know exactly…
Its exemplary to realise how ironical is the fact
The creator of beauty is the most ignorant person
About its aura, charm and effulgence
And most important about its “beauty”

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