Saturday, 16 June 2012


It was a beautiful sight                                 
A small stream was flowing beside
On the other hand of stream
I saw a growing light beam
On a better  look to that
A blurred figure was felt
I crossed the stream
To meet that figure
And asked who you are

It replied,
“ I am strength for weak people
I am comforts for poor people
I am a beauty for ugly creations
I am a friend for every nation”

“I don’t get you, sir!
You talk a lot absurd”

“dear, my child!
 I am the world Creator.
I am GOD.”

“oh! You are that master
Who made the humans slave.
We work for you
But you don’t seem to pay”

“what do you mean?
You all are my children
I am your father
Don’t abuse the relation
By using words dreadful”

“oh! Master, if you really mean
Improve today’s prevailing scene
Food you created
But your many sons starve
Water you created
But your many daughters shower
They shower the tears
Of immense sadness
That we people today bear”

“oh! You are mistaken
If you expect all day and no night
Child! These are people like you
In the face of comforts and strength
In the face of beauty and friend
That need to bring godliness
To other people sad
I hope you got what I said
And felt my words not absurd”

Before I should have replied
That light disappeared.
I opened my eyes
It was a dream
A dream that taught me
A lesson we humans need
To let the humanity breed

Hope you get the meaning of GOD
Hope you too try to see the beam of light
That will some day surely grow inside

The world around us is full of evils, disgrace, sadness and unfulfilled desires and wishes of underprivileged.  One part of world is busy seeking for god, running into temples, mosques, churches and other places to worship GOD. On the other hand, a section of society does not have time to seek for GOD; all they are seeking is  => “a four square meal”. In other words, they have lost the belief of a mere existence of it. What we all need to do is develop a little sensitivity for the situation and realise that HE- THE ALMIGHTY exists some where within all of those who need our help and a little care. I am not expecting my readers to fill bags with lots of money and donate to a charitable centre or stop your work, leisure and comforts to live for others. All you can start up with is=> “start loving” . looking down upon somebody rather shows the state of your helplessness.  Don’t complaint! rather,  try to bring a change; A change in *yourself*!!!.
:with love~~isha jain~~